The backdrop and setting of your destination wedding in Ireland sets the stage for all of your festivities and celebrations. Ireland hosts a spectacular range of venue options: from castles to farmhouses to beaches and churches.

Your destination wedding in Ireland can truly be a dream with the right venue.

What to consider when choosing a venue

Narrowing down a vision for your wedding will help in selecting your ideal venue. If you don’t have a vision yet, no need to fret. You can still look through the options to inspire your big day.

When choosing a venue, be sure to consider aspects that are important to you. For example, how big might your guest list be? In which season will you be getting married? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting? Are you looking for an Irish town with activities and sites for guests or a quaint countryside experience?

Make sure you also consider your desired style and feel for your wedding after all, it’s your big day! Think about you and your fiancé’s personal styles and preferences. Are you looking for something chic, religious, intimate, or near water? Do you love a historic feel or are you hoping for something more modern?

It might be too early in the process for these details, and that’s okay.

Let’s look at the wide range of venue options housed in the breathtaking country of Ireland.

Enchanting castles

Giving a regal and vintage feel to your ceremony and festivities, Irish castles are a popular choice for destination weddings. Castles in Ireland date back nearly 1000 years and can be found across the country. Many castles still maintain medieval and Gothic architecture both inside and outside providing a classic, timeless aura.

Irish castles are often situated among large green spaces, countryside and gardens and sometimes even forests or mountains. Castle estates boast dining halls, reception rooms, and usually lodging for you and for guests, either inside or in an adjacent home or cottage.

Consider a castle if you’re looking for a classic or fairy tale wedding. Castles can accommodate large or small groups.


Cozy farmhouses

Among the Irish hills, forests, and countryside, you’ll find farmhouses tucked away for intimate getaways and wedding weekends. Farmhouses in Ireland are often made of stone or wood, and accompany each other on a single farm estate.

Some farm lands also house a barn perfect for hosting a larger crowd in a relaxing or elegantly decorated space. Surrounding land and gardens are make for lovely strolls or a backdrop for outdoor ceremonies.

Farmhouse estates can accommodate small to medium groups, unless there is a barn, which will allow for larger celebrations. Nearby towns make for enjoyable day trips and a taste of the local Irish culture.  


Spectacular churches

Nestled in almost every corner of Ireland are magnificent churches with tall peaks and glorious interiors. A church ceremony allows for a beautiful setting with plenty of space for any size wedding. Special meaning embedded in religious ceremonies adds depth and emotion.

After your church wedding, you can celebrate in any venue you wish whether that be a castle, farmhouse, or restaurant.

If you’re interested in a religious setting, be sure to contact your church at home for destination wedding instructions. You’ll also want to find a wedding officiant who will meet your needs and cater to your personal style.  


Beautiful country houses, lodges, and estates

Elegant with a warmer touch, country houses and surrounding property are a graceful choice for small to medium size weddings. Ireland’s landscape is decorated with magnificent country houses, lodges, and estates. From small to large and from country lodges to hidden cottages, you can find a private locale for your destination wedding festivities.

Available for a day or longer weekend, country estates provide a relaxed atmosphere to celebrate and spend quality time with family and friends. Ceremonies can even take place in outdoor gardens or among the trees.


Luscious gardens and outdoor spaces

If you’re hoping for an outdoor wedding, you’re in luck!

Ireland offers a variety of majestic options: colorful botanical gardens, green landscapes, wild fields, and tall forests. You can choose to be near a castle, farmhouse, or in a private outdoor space.

Ireland’s outdoor spaces allow for creativity, flexibility, and an earthy feel. Reception celebrations can occur at an indoor venue or outside under a tent. Your stunning photographs will be treasured keepsakes for years to come.


Gorgeous coastal and beach locales

While green fields and rolling hills are often images that first come to mind when people think of Ireland, the country is also surrounded by water and coastline on nearly all sides of the country. Opt for a beach wedding or one near the cliffs for an unforgettable backdrop.

Many officiants accommodate beach and coastal ceremonies and nearby towns offer venues for reception ceremonies and further celebrating. If you do choose to wed near the water, be sure to check the best seasons in Ireland for this style of ceremony.


Exquisite restaurant or grand wedding venue

Restaurants and venues across Ireland, especially in Dublin, have spaces for ceremonies and large or small reception celebrations. A special room, hall, event center, or private dining room can be reserved well in advance for your group.

Choose a restaurant or venue who will blend with your style, taste, and preferences. Many places are willing to handle the details. They often have professionals who arrange everything from food to drinks to decorations.

If your ceremony is outside or in a church, a classic restaurant setting may be the perfect add-on to your festivities. Hotel reservations can be made at nearby places for easy access and guest travel.


Ireland’s incredible spread of indoor and outdoor options gives you plenty to choose from. Most importantly, select a venue that matches your visions and adds meaning to your celebrations. No matter the venue, your wedding will be filled with love, laughter, and the people you care about most.